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In this age of discrimination, the class of Apple technology users is meant to be different from others. The majority of smart device users fall to the Android group. Following this percentage, most of the coders create apps for Android devices. A group of iOS users still have no access to popular apps because of this uproar.

To solve this problem, a team of developers joined and improved the Loklok app for people with Apple devices. As a result, Loklok for iOS has been developed. The only goal of this article is to provide enough help to iPhone / Apple users, allowing them to approach the Loklok for iOS app for fun purposes.

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LokLok for iOS is an open and updated version of the popular LokLok original App, built especially for iOS devices. With this Loklok iOS, users gain access to a vast library of TV shows that can be enjoyed without any limits or restrictions. Whether you’re a fan of thrilling crime plays, intense stories, or heartwarming love stories, LokLok has everything available for everyone.

One of the main benefits of LokLok iOS is the open content library. Unlike the regular version of the app, which often requires membership fees or offers limited access to certain dramas, this version removes all limits. It allows users to watch their favorite TV dramas without any hurdles.

This means no more waiting for new episodes to become available or wasting time on multiple devices to watch different shows. You will be given everything on this single platform.

Loklok is very friendly with users’ minds. It is easy to use, regardless of your skill level. Like an open book, Loklok is a tool anyone can use to watch movies.

When you open the app, you’ll notice that the home page of Loklok is acceptable in look, everything is in arranged form, and the entire content is in grouped form—organized by different niches.

Searching for a particular movie is like a child’s play. Go to the search bar, search your required movie, drama, or series, and pick the one you want to watch. For a quick look, go to the search box and type the name of your needed movie’s trailer. You will find everything easily.

Organized website

Although LokLok iOS is a relatively new streaming platform. Everything is simple and randomly prepared or put on the website. This means you have full power over what and when you watch it.

Even the groups on the website are well organized, making it easy to move through the platform without any worries.

Schedule accordingly

The Loklok app allows users to watch their favorite content according to their timetable. 

Schedule when you want to view a movie using the scheduler, which includes dates and movies coming out that day or in any specific month.

Different languages

Since LokLok APK is primarily focused on giving users access to Asian shows and movies. The website is inclusive of the languages that the users can access. The normal base language that’s set on the page is English.

Multiple languages

Since LokLok iOS is primarily focused on giving users access to Asian shows and movies. The website is inclusive of the languages that the users can access. The normal base language that’s set on the page is English.

Multi Language

However, they have a tab on the top-right part of the website, which you can click to change to a suitable language of your choice.


It also includes subtitles for your convenience. You can play the series in your native language to have fun with full understanding. The subtitles can be generated with audio/subtitles on the screen.

HD quality movies

Another reason why LokLok iOS has achieved the kind of fame that it has is due to the quality content that’s offered on its website.

Almost everything is in HD format, so you won’t have to worry about bad quality or blurry movie-watching experience.

Immediate access to new releases

Loklok uploads the most recent episodes immediately after their official release so you can access new episodes quickly.

Ads-Free experience

Most video apps have multiple ads during play. Users of those apps have to pay set charges to avoid ads. Loklok is not like others because it gives ad-free and fast playing. There are no breaks during the replay from beginning to end. 

The Loklok iOS application provides customers with the best ongoing online watching experience while being perfect in live streaming.

Unlimited Downloading

If you have a free internet connection, you can download your favorite movie or serial later with your friends. Loklok iOS offers its clients endless downloads to have the most valuable time. 

unlimited Download and watch offline

Viewers may download anything offered on the app without any limits. The app includes free video material, such as TV shows, funny dramas, humorous comedies, love stories, and cartoon collections.

Shows and Anime

Besides movies, LokLok also hosts a range of TV shows, especially Thai and Korean series, that you can watch for free on the website. These are some unique and exclusive material you will likely find on paid viewing services like Prime Video, Netflix, Viu, etc.

Anime content

Whereas, Loklok is completely free and offers all content for free to watch.

What’s new?

  • Updated version
  • No subscription fee
  • Download content for free
  • Enhanced performance
  • Fixed errors and bugs
  • Unlimited streaming
  • All-Inclusive Collection of Movies
  • Different themes
  • User-friendly platform

System Requirement

  • It requires iOS 12.4 and up.
  • Free to download
  • May require access to the gallery.
  • Storage space of at least 110 MB is required.


  • Users can watch everything for free
  • There is no monthly subscription needed.
  • The premium version is free to use.
  • Download for offline watching and schedule accordingly
  • Watch news and online streaming without any ads.
  • It has simple controls and is easy to use.
  • It offers regular updates on the newest content


  • Don’t spend too much time on it. You will get addicted.
  • Not available in the Apple app store.

Yes, both applications are similar. The only difference is in the installation procedure. Otherwise, everything is the same.

Loklok is the same for everyone. A new user can love the same stuff as an existing user. Everything on Loklok is free and premium.

Yes, of course. The Loklok for iOS does prioritize user safety. Users can view their beloved items on a safe and secure streaming platform

Final Words

The streaming fans know very well about the Loklok iOS app since it is the main streaming app giving visual stuff from around the world. In the spotlight, it offers movies, TV shows, videos, cartoons, and multiple others from different film industries. 

This app will help you choose what to watch and plan when to watch using our planner. All types are here. All of its premium features and content are available for free in this latest Loklok for iOS version. 

So, download it from our website and enjoy long-lasting streaming for free.

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